Famous Interior Designers

The architecture of a home is incredibly important in creating a livable space, but the atmosphere that is presented by the home is often mostly the work of an interior designer. Interior designers are incredibly important in giving the home the perfect feeling to present to guests. This article will cover some of the most famous interior designers in the world, and a few of their works that truly increased both the atmosphere and value of the home that they designed.

Frances Adler Elkins

Frances Adler Elkins is perhaps the most famous interior designer in the world. She was an American interior designer who grew up in Milwaukee, and was the designer for many different places such as the Yerba Buena Club, the Cypress Point Club clubhouse, the Zellerbach mansion, and the Casa Amesti. She had her own unique futuristic style, but added in many different vintage designs to the places she decorated. She was most noted for her contemporary furniture and visionary combinations of color.

Elsie de Wolfe

Wolfe was best known for her work on the large mansions of incredibly wealthy people such as Barrymore, Beckwith, Crocker and Frick. Her style incorporated many different minimalist designs, with Victorian aspects to the overall theme of her interior decorations. She was a very innovative designer that used different metallic finishes on her designs, animal prints and new colors that were rarely used before her time.

Dorothy Draper

Dorothy Draper was a contemporary interior designer that used vivid color schemes to allow her interiors to stand out when compared to the rest of the world and other houses. Her color scheme used many different floral and striped designs in order to complement the wild color scheme that she employed. Her most famous works include The Dorotheum, the Arrowhead Springs Hotel, and the Camellia House in Drake Hotel, the Hampshire House, the Carlyle, and the Greenbrier Hotel. She also had a few international designs, such as Quitandinah Palace and Casino Resort, and the Royal Palace located in Lithuania.

These incredibly influential interior designers were innovative and revolutionary. They introduced many new ideas and concepts into interior design that are used to this very day. They each broke away from the traditional interior design of their times, and allowed the interior designers of today to grow and benefit from their work. There is no doubt that if they were still alive today, they would be creating incredible interiors in the most famous locations in the world.


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