Online Interior Design Schools

It may just be that you realize it is time for a change, but simply don’t have the time to dedicate to a full time interior design degree program. That’s all right, as many students find themselves in the same predicament. You don’t have to stay in the dark forever, as there are wonderful options for online interior design schools just on the other side of your personal computer. A bit of research and knowing what you want to achieve may take you further than you might realize, and the first step is deciding that you want a change. An online interior design schools investigation is exactly what you need.

The Art Institutes

One of the top online interior design schools in the country, AI is a fully accredited institution providing a quality education for those with busy life schedules. AI offers certificate programs as well as a two year associate’s degree in interior design, a four year bachelor’s degree, and a master’s degree for those seeking a graduate level diploma.

Penn Foster

One of the oldest schools in the distance learning field, Penn Foster offers a competitive curriculum balanced with great hands-on applications assigned from industry leading professionals who teach for the school. Students gain valuable insight into not only the fundamentals of interior design such as furniture design and textile manufacturing, but also in state of the art software programs such as Auto CAD.

Academy of Art University

A relative newcomer as far as online education is concerned; the Academy of Art University offers students a fresh perspective in interior design education by stressing the unique communications between clients and designers in producing breathtaking as well as practical designs. Students at the Academy of Art University delve deeply into theory and practical application of design in both residential and industrial aspects of the field.

Ashworth College

Ashworth College produces some of the most sought after graduates in interior design today, with many of their graduates finding job placement before graduation ceremonies are even complete. Ashworth offers certificate programs as well as degree programs, including an online two year associate’s degree in interior design. Students may immerse themselves in a study load that includes special awareness, textural usage, and coursework in business management and administration.

National American University

Students from the National American University maintain some of the most productive firms in the country, with client lists from all over the world. Instructors are respected professionals in the field, and lend a mentoring hand when educating the next generation of interior designers.