The Importance of Color Theory

Have you ever walked into a room and had to stop yourself from visibly being offended? What about the space was so terrible?  What annoyed your sensibilities the most?  More often then not, what takes a room down from normal to terrible is color.

Color Theory is at the heart of interior design. It can turn any room warm or cold, inviting or professional. Colors, and how we as people relate to them, can change our moods and determined our surroundings. Colors can make us feel happier. Let’s take a closer look at why learning color theory is so important.

Why Is Learning Color Theory Important?

Learning color theory is important because it is the first step in understanding the unlimited potential of colors and color combination.  Learning about color theory provides you a vocabulary that you can use when expressing the world around you. In addition, it allows you to easily and quickly convey how you feel about a composition to other professionals.*1

For example, most people know of the primary colors, yellow, blue, and red.  And many people can list the secondary and tertiary colors. However, few people can say what works well paired together and why. Color theory teaches about not only the color wheel, but the myriad of other things that affect color, like brightness, shading, tint, and so on. All of these qualities play into the decoration of a home, as the color of everything from the walls to the lamps will be the baseline for everything else.*2

Color theory is also important because it can define what accessories you can use in a house, influencing your interior design options. Balancing everything into a single, workable product is central to this success.

Other Applications for Color Theory

When it comes to interior design, knowing how colors effect the emotions of those who are seeking your services is central to your success. In addition, knowing how colors interact with textures and patterns provides a better understanding of what you can do with a space. Though color can provide life to a room, it can also take us out of the experience by being to bold or rash.

Putting it all Together

Because of what you can do with it, color theory is key. From being better at explaining the world around you, to getting a better sense of your clients, color knowledge will be one of your greatest assets as an interior designer.